Katie Holmes: Tom Cruise Divorce Causes Massive Weight Loss?!

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Rumor has it that Katie Holmes is becoming sick and thin thanks to the stress of divorcing Tom Cruise. Of course, when a rumor like this comes from a tabloid like In Touch, one must take the Katie is “losing weight fast” business with a grain of salt.

Clearly In Touch wanted to make sure Katie Holmes’ health was covered as they were looking for a different angle from which to cover the Tom Cruise divorce. Why else would they come up with a story about Katie being thin and “under extreme pressure?”

Look, divorce is difficult. Divorce with a child is even more difficult, and certainly divorce while the paparazzi camped-out outside your apartment is downright annoying. However, there is absolutely no indication from Katie Holmes’ camp that the actress in any worse for the wear.

As a matter of fact, Gossip Cop is reporting that sources close to Katie and Suri completely rebut the In Touch attempt to sell gossip rags and make a buck off the TomKat divorce. This is just another example of a tabloid making up a story, throwing it against the wall and hoping at least part of it sticks.

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