Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise Divorce: Dumped Over the Phone!?

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More details about the Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise divorce seem to be coming out. The latest juicy detail is that Katie may not have even told Tom that she was leaving him in a face to face confrontation. Apparently she did the deed by telephone.

It has been widely reported that Katie Holmes had used pay-as-you-go, disposable phones to put the divorce proceedings into motion so that she could keep things a secret from Tom Cruise, his representatives, and presumably the Scientologists. Now it is coming out that she held-out until the last possible second to drop the bomb on Tom.

And that is precisely what Katie Holmes did. In what is being termed a ‘bombshell’ phone call, Holmes left Tom dazed and confused by calling him out of the blue and telling him that she was leaving him for good, and taking Suri with her.

Clearly, he never saw this coming. “[Tom] was a happy man and thought he had a happy life…He keeps asking, ‘What’s happening?’ claims a source.

One thing is for sure, at least Katie didn’t blindside him by text message; that would have just been brutal.

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