Katie Holmes Wants to Air Her and Tom Cruise’s Dirty Laundry to the World

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As soon as the news broke that Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, it was clear that some interesting celebrity gossip would emerge. It seems there will be more than expected to gab about now that Katie filed a petition with the courts to make the divorce proceedings public.

It’s a bold move on Katie’s part, and it shows that she has nothing to hide from the courts and even the paparazzi. It also bodes for a very nasty divorce, and there is a risk that information will come to light that could even hurt their careers.

A source who is familiar with the proceedings to date shed a little light on what this motion indicates:

It’s unlikely for a celebrity to file an emergency hearing, because most celebrities settle out of court because they don’t want the media involved in their case. Katie and Tom are now going to have an open court room, which means that anyone can walk in and see what’s happening. Plus, they are putting their case in the hands of a judge who is going to determine what happens next. Most public figures don’t want that — it’s a last resort. It’s super-aggressive for Katie to have taken these steps. It suggests that there’s going to be a contentious divorce battle to come.

Although Katie’s move is certainly aggressive like the source notes, it is not yet clear if it is a smart plan of action. Katie Holmes may believe there isn’t anything she wants to hide, but Tom Cruise’s legal team will surely try to find a way to bash her character if the need arises. No one is ever completely blameless in a relationship, and it seems that there will be no holds barred in this divorce battle.

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