Katie Holmes Wants to Change Suri’s Name, Cutting Tom Cruise Out Completely

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Katie Holmes filed for divorce from her husband Tom Cruise just two weeks ago, and the divorce settlements have already been worked out. It sounds like this divorce will be yet another fast one in Hollywood, which happened earlier this year with Russell Brand and Katy Perry. It sounds like Katie didn’t want anything but her daughter in the custody battle and it sounds like Tom has chosen scientology over his daughter, since he didn’t even fight for Suri. Now, Katie is getting ready to take the next step with the divorce; she wants to change Suri’s name so she doesn’t have to be named ‘Cruise,’ now that her father gave up on her in the divorce settlement.

Katie Holmes making a speech at the National Memorial Day in Washington, D.C., May 24, 2009According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Katie Holmes has been telling friends that she wants to legally drop the ‘Cruise’ as Suri’s last name and change it to ‘Holmes.’ In addition, she is also starting to call Suri ‘Scout’ as a nickname. Apparently, Katie doesn’t like the word Suri, perhaps because it reminds her of Tom and his controlling ways.

Either way, don’t be surprised if Suri Cruise will pop up with a new name, Scout Holmes. It is just another step to separate Suri from her father. It is understandable that Katie wants to be and protect her daughter from Tom — or anything negative in the world — but changing her name does seem a little drastic. Just because Suri’s name is Cruise doesn’t mean she will end up become a follower of Scientology or give up on her mother.

What do you think of Katie’s decision to change Suri’s name?

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