Katie Yeager Reveals How She Supports Her Daughter

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Katie Yeager starred in the fourth season of 16 & Pregnant and while she and her then-boyfriend Joey seemed to have all their ducks in a row on the show, they split shortly after, leaving Katie to support herself and their daughter all by herself.

So how does she do it? It’s not easy! “Ima mother, work two jobs, going back to college full time, taking online classes to be a certified pharm. tech until I finish school,” Katie told fans. She also stated that she is “taking 2 month pharm tech course so I can make $ while I’m working on my masters.”

Talk about a full schedule! Katie has a lot to juggle and having a 1-year-old baby doesn’t make things any easier on her — especially with the cost of daycare these days.

Katie is a great example of how to remain focused even after an unplanned pregnancy. While some may have given up on their education, Katie is not and she’s setting a great example for young mommies everywhere!

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