Katrina and the Waves Threaten Michele Bachmann with Legal Action

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The band Katrina and the Waves have threatened Michele Bachmann with legal action for using their song “Walking on Sunshine” at a political rally.

It may be one of those songs that’s played everywhere, from movies to commercials, but lead singer Katrina Leskanich says that she does not want it played at any of Bachmann’s events. It seems that the politician tried to replace Tom Petty’s song “American Girl” with the upbeat hit after he sent her people a cease and desist letter, but the band also doesn’t agree with her politics and doesn’t want her using their biggest hit (perhaps they think she’d be better off walking on the sun as opposed to sunshine).

Michele BachmannSo with Katrina and the Waves also denying Michele Bachmann the use of their song, what can she use for her theme music on the campaign trail? Well, Ted Nugent is a staunch conservative, so perhaps he would allow her to use one of his songs, like the sexually charged hit “Cat Scratch Fever.” Or perhaps she could replace “American Girl” with The Guess Who hit “American Woman”–some of Michele’s detractors might think that lyrics like “American Woman, stay away from me” and “Don’t come hanging around my door I don’t want to see your face no more. I got more important things to do than spend my time growing old with you” might be more fitting.

Or maybe Michele Bachmann could replace Katrina and the Waves song with something by Bachman-Turner Overdrive, since she sort of shares her name with the band. They’ve got hits like “Takin’ Care of Business,” “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet,” and “Gimme Your Money Please.” Or she could base her music choice on the first half of her name and go for something by Bach–his music is in the public domain, so she couldn’t get in trouble for using it (as long as she can get an orchestra to agree to play it for her).

Whatever Michele Bachmann tries to replace “Walking on Sunshine” with, one thing’s for certain this time around–she might want to get the musician’s permission first (didn’t she learn anything from Sarah Palin and “Barracuda”?). After all, if Bachmann can’t be bothered to simply ask artists like Katrina and the Waves for permission to use their songs, then what does that say about how she would run the country if she wins the presidency?

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