Katt Williams Has an Arrest Warrant Out on Him

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Katt Williams seems to be self imploding. He’s in trouble with the law again after fleeing from the police. Now, he has an arrest warrant out on him.

According to the California Highway Patrol, it all started when they attempted to pull Williams over after Thanksgiving in November. The comedian was allegedly recklessly driving a motorcycle on a sidewalk. When he saw the cops trying to stop him, he told them, “I am not going to stop”. Then he proceeded on his way.

Eventually the Highway Patrol discontinued the pursuit because they were worried about the safety of others who were also trying to navigate the sidewalk. However, they didn’t forget about the incident. Now it is coming back to haunt Williams. An arrest warrant has been issued in his name.

It isn’t Williams only brush with the law. Another one happened recently when he got into a bar brawl. All in all, the funnyman is acting anything but funny. He even canceled some comedy dates he previously set up. Then to explain that, he announced that he’d decided to retire.

Williams’ is acting very strange and that’s capturing the attention of his fans, family, friends and the public. Some are worried that he’s becoming a dangerous nuisance. His reckless driving episode seems to add even more credence to that idea. Here’s hoping Katt Williams gets his act back together before it’s just too late.

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