Katy Holmes’ Tortured Life with Tom Cruise Finally Revealed

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Katy Holmes shocked the world today by filing for divorce from über A-List movie star Tom Cruise. Cruise was reportedly blindsided by the news, but inside sources say the split was inevitable. Apparently, Katy suffered a life of torture and misery throughout her marriage. Yikes. Torture and misery are strong words. Nevertheless, insiders insist it’s true.

Of course, from the beginning, there were strange rumors. There was talk that the couple all but lived separate lives. And there were even stranger stories about Katy being a veritable prisoner. As recently as 3 months ago, a famous tabloid described their marriage as already nearing the breaking point.

“Katie has been living such a tortured life with Tom Cruise,” claimed an insider, “that pals are urging the actress to get a divorce. She “is at the end of her rope” and is “just not the same happy, carefree woman she used to be. She’s losing weight and trying to keep her slipping career together while being pressured to have another child by Tom. There are plenty of days when she wishes she could have her carefree single life back. …I think that’s when thoughts of divorce probably flare up. It must be miserable at times.”

La Holmes also reportedly had problems with Tom’s beloved Church of Scientology. Even worse she supposedly had a less than ideal relationship with Tom’s older daughter Bella.

Even those who are on “Team Tom” in the divorce will have to admit that Katy Holmes has always seemed to be a devoted mother to Suri Cruise. Not surprisingly, she has filed for sole custody of the little girl in her divorce petition.

Stay tuned.

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