Katy Perry Admires Adele; She is ‘a Boss’

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Adele has tons of fans and one of those is Katy Perry. Perry has indirectly supported Adele in her music career, including a shout out on Twitter after Adele performed and cleaned out the Grammy Awards. On her Twitter, Katy wrote, “@OfficialAdele show em how it’s done, like a BOSS. #cutestsweetestmostdeservingest.” It was clear that Katy was impressed with Adele’s performance and cleaning up the show, and rather than be a competitor within the pop industry, Katy shows her support.

And Adele did clean up the Grammy Awards like ‘a boss’ as Katy wrote. Adele has a busy schedule, including going to the Brit Awards later this week, so perhaps Katy Perry will be cheering her on again. And it is about time that someone famous stepped up to support Adele in public. It seems that tons of people are willing to tear her down, including Karl Lagerfeld who recently called her too fat for the music industry. In addition, a throat operation that could have ended her career didn’t slow her down even though many claimed she wasn’t ready to be ‘a real star.’

And Katy Perry can be happy because Adele has announced that she is working hard on her new album in London so she is taking little time off for herself. And while Katy may be in the mood for some ballads, expect Adele’s new album to be happier because of her new-found love.

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