Katy Perry Admits ‘Exhausted’ by Show Business?

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Katy Perry has allegedly been making some surprising admissions lately—including one that she has felt like she was too exhausted (at times) to keep going in show business. Could the pop princess have peaked professionally already?

According to a news article claim by Young Hollywood, the otherwise perky poppet with the penchant for making cartoon-inspired girly costumes and otherwise silly-looking wigs look sexy has admitted to suffering such severe jet lag from her jet-setting ways that she has actually considered not going on stage to sing in front of paying audiences at times. Instead, she says, she almost ditched fans in favor of resting up from the stress of being rich and famous. Eekgaads!

Katy Perry Michigan (1)The entertainment news website shared, “The ‘Firework’ singer admits she almost walked away from the Rio de Janeiro show last year [in Brazil] because she didn’t think she could perform at her best…”

According to Perry, her existential crisis came and went past fairly quickly (thank goodness). She claimed, “Right before Brazil was a very difficult moment. I was, like, so exhausted. I’d been flying around the world.”

But why bring up the past right now?

That answer is easy. “[Her] new concert movie, ‘Part of Me’ [the 3D Katy Perry movie biopic about her life history], features footage of her battling emotions and exhaustion in the days before the gig…” writes Young Hollywood.

But could the movie coming out now and her candid confessions about fatigue and exhaustion actually be a signal that Perry has peaked professionally (and personally) in her mind’s eye?

After all, following a reasonably quick rise to fame, a high-profile love affair with Russell Brand that ended with a wedding and divorce, and her current turn to the dark side in her new video where she punches out a lying Prince Charming seem to indicate that she’s deeply ensconced in personal analysis and grief related to her portrayal of herself as the quirky and upbeat girl singing loudly.

The Los Angeles Times claims she has an “unrelenting schedule” that makes her want to retreat into a cave, but really, it must be hard to be her jubilant and upbeat self 365 days a year. One would think her managers would recognize that and plan her promotional and performance schedule better, but in all reality, Perry’s strong work ethic most likely is what keeps her motivated.

Since the real reason so many people fell in star-struck love with Perry to begin with was because she was so unique [not like anyone else], will her admission she’s human and spiral down to singing mostly emotional “you broke my heart but now I am strong” types of love songs make the singer no better or more interesting than anyone else?

One certainly hopes not because to date there does not seem to be any one singer in the music business who is interesting enough to top her… at least not right now.

As for the concert she almost missed in Brazil last year, she now says she is glad she didn’t. The 20,000 plus fans in attendance also seemed happy she sang for them—because (apparently) no one asked for a refund for the purchase price of tickets due to a no-show or sub-standard performance.

What do you think about Katy Perry? Has she peaked as a singer and marketable talent yet, or do you expect lots more from her in the future? Let other readers know your thoughts about the star in the comments section below.

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