Katy Perry and her Blue Hair at ‘MTV Movie Awards 2010: Best fashion statement all year [Photo]

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Katy Perry did something quite remarkable with her performance at the MTV Movie Awards and her walk on the red carpet today. Showing up in blue hair the performer not only looked hot, she really made a delightful fashion statement.

Sometimes when we look at fashion, it is quick to point out the shoes or the gown, but tonight there was a reminder that it is the whole packaged and distinctive hair can be a fashion statement too.

Katy Perry’s hair was so distinctive that even with her outfit (which was perfectly fit and see thru) all eyes were affixed on the blue-do. Of course we hope we don’t see oodles of kids doing this, but if we do see blue haired kids, we will know exactly who they got the idea from. Additional photos of Katy Perry’s blue hair style can be seen here.

The MTV Movie Awards 2010 were held in Los Angeles Calfornia. The ‘Best Movie’ being awarded to Twilight New Moon.

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