Katy Perry and Russell Brand ‘On Good Terms’

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand are reportedly “on good terms” with one another since he filed for divorce shortly before the New Year. And if celebrities must split up, those are definitely the best kind of terms to be dealing with. Will those good terms remain hard and fast when assets are divided?

According to a report from TMZ, both Perry and Brand have been spotted in L.A. for the first time since official word broke of their impending divorce.

Katy reportedly filmed an ad for Adidas, where she was spotted during the photo shoot for the very first tKaty Perry And Russell Brandime without her wedding ring. Russell Brand flew into LAX this weekend–the first time he was in the U.S. since filing for divorce.

Early reports estimated that Russell Brand could walk away with half of Katy Perry’s millions in assets, since there was no prenup filed when the two got married. Some suspect Brand planned it that way, but certainly there’s nothing that can prove that theory.

Hopefully the “good terms” that Katy Perry and Russell Brand are presently on will sustain them both through what could otherwise become a very embittered divorce. When celebrities split and lots of money is involved, those good terms don’t typically last very long.

So how do you think this divorce between Katy and Russell will ultimately play itself out? Will they remain on these supposed good terms or will money intercede–making them become bitter enemies? Might they become yet another casualty of the Hollywood couples scene?

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