Katy Perry and Russell Brand Think Rihanna Needs Help

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand are allegedly trying to encourage Rihanna to seek help.

There have been plenty of tabloid tales about Katy and Russell lately—according to different stories, they’re either about to divorce or Katy is pregnant. The couple has denied both of these claims, but it seems like they still have something big to worry about in the form of Katy’s pal Rihanna.

Even though previous rumors have suggested that Russell isn’t the biggest fan of RiRi, a new claim from Star (via Celebitchy) states that he has become concerned about the singer and has encouraged his wife to step in to try to help her. After all, he is a recovering addict, so he knows how hard it can be to undergo treatment for a problem with drugs and alcohol.

Rihanna recently worried her fans by tweeting that she was light-headed after a show in Dublin. Before that she missed shows in Sweden due to illness, so it seems that she’s not giving herself time to recover from being sick. After all, the body needs rest and plenty of fluids to fend off an illness, so Rihanna is doing herself no favors if she’s working, staying out late, partying, and drinking lots of alcohol.

Katy Perry reportedly became concerned about RiRi’s behavior after her hospitalization, and she now wants her friend to seek therapy and take a break. So maybe Katy should also take some time off to spend with her pal—it seems like RiRi might need someone to keep an eye on her for a while. Perhaps Katy could even take her on a trip to India—it seems to be a place that Katy and Russell enjoy visiting to relax and to escape all the craziness that comes with being a celebrity. Such a trip might be just what RiRi needs.

Rihanna’s issues with booze might stem from her breakup with Chris Brown—she’s allegedly been self-medicating since then, and she’s feeling lonely and like her whole life is controlled by her label.

So will Katy Perry help her friend, or is this story about Rihanna’s woes completely bogus? It surfaced at a great time for Katy since it refocuses everyone’s attention from her divorce rumors to RiRi. It’s also a pretty easy story to run with since Rihanna has really been suffering from exhaustion lately—this could be seen as proof that she has a problem.

But what do you think—is RiRi still trying to get over Chris Brown by drowning her sorrows with alcohol? Or is she just a hard-working woman in need of a vacation?

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