Katy Perry and Serial Dater John Mayer Out in L.A.

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Katy Perry has been linked to several Hollywood men since her split with Russell Brand, including the newly single Robert Pattinson, but who is she really dating? Katycats may not be pleased to see she has been spotted out with serial dater, John Mayer. Yes, that John Mayer. The guy who says some of the dumbest things and then further sticks his foot in it by trying to explain what he really meant.

John has been linked to Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and napalm girl, Jessica Simpson in the past. He may be a great boyfriend while he is in the relationship, but as soon as the relationship is kaput, he opens his big mouth. Will Katy be John’s next dating victim?

It certainly appears to be that way. Katy and John enjoyed a romantic evening at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, before leaving together. Katy looked super cute in a white lacy top and her sleek bob. Her look was the polar opposite to John’s untidy look. His hair was long, loose and messy and his attire was equally unattractive. What does Katy see in this guy? She obviously likes the long hair, scruffy look.

The two have been linked together for the past month and appear to still be going strong. Are you thrilled with Katy Perry hooking up with John Mayer? Could she do better?

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