Katy Perry: Bomb or Fried Chicken?

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How does someone bring Katy Perry to tears? How about leaving some chicken in a backpack outside of her dressing room door. How exactly did the bag of chicken make Katy cry? Was it the thoughtfulness of the gesture of leaving Perry a pre-show snack?

Hardly! Actually, it was the thought that the bag of chicken contained an explosive device. Bomb-sniffing dogs called in to check out a bomb threat to a Perry show seemed very attracted to a backpack outside of her dressing room. A backpack full of chicken.

You know those bomb-sniffing dogs? They were everywhere. They started sniffing a backpack near my dressing room. Well, they had to put me in an armored car, and I started crying at one point … but we found out at the end that it was chicken the dogs were sniffing.

Clearly, these dogs need to be fed something before going to work. Luckily, everything checked out okay, and the chicken distraction was just that, a distraction. One think is for sure, Katy Perry won’t be ordering buckets of KFC to her dressing room anytime soon.

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