Katy Perry breasts too big?

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Why oh why are people so concerned with the size of Katy Perry’s breasts? (She’s a 34D by the way.) Now the singer is known to wear skimpy outfits on top, and more power to her since she’s got the wattage to show them off. But really, why is there so much controversy over a part of anatomy that every woman has!

First there was the Sesame Street fiasco, where her face time with Elmo was cut because of her choice of outfit! The outfit wasn’t even that bad! Certainly not bad enough that parents had to be concerned. But concerned they were and after the skit aired on YouTube the masses spoke and said they didn’t want Katy Perry on the show.

And now this…Katy’s reps photoshopped her boobs for a photo shoot she recently did for VH1’s Salute the Troops where she posed as a 40’s style pinup girl (who by the way were notoriously busty.)

Her team thought differently though. They told US Magazine “Her team thinks her boobs look too big. The ads are being redone!”


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