Katy Perry: Creepy Fan Hangs Out in Front of House

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Katy Perry is probably pretty used to having men oggle her on stage, but she’s not used to having them try to peek at her at home.

The California Gurl had a clearly interested male fan standing outside of her Los Feliz home on Wednesday night. He stood outside of the home for a whopping two hours, presumably looking to get a glimpse of Perry or maybe one of her husband Russell Brand. Unfortunately for him, the only thing he got a glimpse of was the local PD.

Perry, who was not home at the time was unharmed. There are no reports that the man had any malicious attempts, but the police did send him packing after his two hour stint in front of her home.

This probably isn’t all that odd of an occurrence for her or any star, for that matter, but it’s still got to be at least somewhat unnerving to know that there are people outside of your home waiting to peer at you. When you are a performer you are used to all eyes on you, only the home should be the one safe-zone where you are free from that. It seems that when you cross the threshold into celebrity you give up things that you never imagined you’d have to do without – like being secure in your own home.

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