Katy Perry Deleting Russell Brand From Everything?!

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It is about time Katy Perry took charge of her life and deleted Russell Brand. Katy, who divorced comedian Russell Brand a few months ago, is looking to do everything she can to erase the British funnyman from her life.

So, how is Katy going about this? Is she taking down pictures around the house? Is she burning the old copy of Arthur (if she hasn’t, she should)? Actually, she is having Russell Brand completely removed in her new documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me.

Well, good for her. Ms. Perry need not give Russell Brand any free publicity because of the movie, especially since he was the one who filed for divorce. The couple never made sense in the first place, so perhaps Katy is finally coming to the realization that everyone else had a while ago, she doesn’t need Russell and his attempt at humor in her life. She is better than that and Katy’s movie will be better without him in it.

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