Katy Perry Didn’t Get Cast as Smurfette Based on Her Star Status

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Katy Perry’s celebrity status didn’t help her get cast as Smurfette in The Smurfs — although it’s definitely helping to market the movie now.

Perry might seem like the ‘smurfiest’ choice for the role, and she’s definitely owned it so far by wearing a cute Smurfette dress and even dyeing her hair blonde to resemble the only female Smurf (she hasn’t painted her skin blue just yet). However, casting directors didn’t go after kitschy Katy because her personality fits the cartoon character so well.

Katy Perry - Seattle, WA 7/20/2011According to Katy, they were doing a blind test by listening to voices from interviews and matching them to characters. When they chose Katy Perry’s raspy intonation for Smurfette, they had no idea that Smurfette would end up being voiced by one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Katy was allowed to add her “own nuance” to the character’s voice, describing her as “sassy and cute, a little mischievous and funny.”

Of course having Katy Perry voice one of the Smurfs has brought the movie plenty of attention (especially since Katy doesn’t mind turning herself into a walking billboard). It also gave the writers an excuse to use the line, “I smurfed a girl and I liked it.”

Katy has often incorporated cherries and strawberries into her outfits, so maybe now she’ll get even smurfier style-wise by adding some smurfberry jewelry to her collection of sweet accessories (and the little mushroom houses that the Smurfs live in would make great stage props).

So, what do you think — is Katy Perry the smurfiest choice for Smurfette, and should she go blue and get smurfy on stage for some of her concerts?

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