Katy Perry: Divorce Settlement Reached with Russell Brand

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The Russell Brand and Katy Perry divorce has been all anyone has talked about since the two stars announced their split just months ago, and now it seems that the two are one step closer to finalizing the dissolution of their marriage, having reached a divorce settlement in the Los Angeles Superior Court Wednesday.

According to the legal documents of their settlement, both Perry and Brand have reached a “comprehensive written settlement of all issues,” a relatively simple task when there are no children to consider and the marriage has lasted all of a year!

Though Brand had previously stated that he would be seeking no financial recourse when he and Katy Perry divorce, there was still property and other joint assets to sort out between the singer and the comedian/entertainer/actor.

Katy Perry

Aside from the issues of how to split their marital assets, the document also notes that Katy Perry, 27, has requested to return to her maiden name, which is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, dropping Brand’s last name in the process.

There is no doubt that a divorce is hard on two people even in the best of circumstances, but to see these two acting with such maturity and respect for the other is a breath of fresh air. Hopefully the rest of the Russell Brand and Katy Perry divorce proceedings will go as quickly and painlessly!

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