Katy Perry: Do Her Parents Hate Russell Brand?

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She is a preacher’s daughter, so one can imagine the dismay at home when Katy Perry brought home the often off-color Russell Brand. The question is now that Katy and Russell have been married nearly a year, have her parents bought in?

Katy Perry 2011A recent interview suggests that Katy Perry’s parents have finally at least gotten used to Russell. Katy quipped:

It’s good my family and my parents have finally let go of the leash.

Her father also chimed in

I could not have wished for a better son-in-law. He makes my girl so happy. She’s so happy and he makes her light up. They’re going to be just fine. You couldn’t see two f***ing happier people.

That last part…well it looks like Russell has rubbed off on Katy’s dad. Oh yeah, Katy Perry’s evangelical preacher father just dropped an ‘f-bomb.’ Then again, when a tabloid prints it…it is not always accurate. Wasn’t it just in June that it was reported that her parents hated Brand?


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