Katy Perry Elephant Lover! Pimps ‘Dumbina’ on Twitter

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Who knew Katy Perry was into Elephants? Perry took to Twitter to show off an elephant that was being auctioned off in Milan, Italy as part of an Elephant Parade art and awareness/conservancy project.

Check out Katy Perry's life size art elephant Dumbina!Katy Perry tweeted:

Meet Dumbina! You can visit her at La Rinascente at the Duomo in Milan and bid on 11/22 to help save the elephants!

Dumbina is part of a “larger” Elephant Parade art project. According to the Elephant Parade website, Dumbina is a California Dreams tour-inspired life-sized painted elephant. Painted with the word ‘Candyfornia’ and the initials ‘K.P.’ Katy’s elephant is definitely something that the singer is proud of:

The crystals that adorn the elephant are precious, just like the Asian elephants that need our protection. Let’s raise awareness!

This isn’t Katy’s first time dealing with elephants or being around the animals. She rode into celebrity blogger Perez Hilton’s birthday party in March of 2010 on the back of an elephant, while singing ‘Happy Birthday.’ (Clearly that was an attention grab)

Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding in October 2010 featured a rather extravagant procession of horses, camels, and elephants during the Hindu ceremony. They do say, go big or go home, right?

There reportedly was also a painted elephant present when Katy and Russell were engaged. This caused Katy to have dreams that she fell off the animal and was crushed, resulting in being wheelchair-bound for the rest of her life.

Katy Perry’s unique elephant history makes the “Teenage Dream’ artist a likely candidate in promoting this cause and to inspire a little elephant art.

Photo: via Twitpic and Elephant Parade

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