Katy Perry Fan Sells Picture of Her in Santa Barbara

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Katy Perry has been comfortably flying under the radar since she and Russell Brand announced their divorce, but not all of her “fans” can respect that, it seems. In fact, Perry was kind enough to take time out to take a photograph with a fan Saturday, despite a desire to avoid the paparazzi and stay out of the spotlight. Unfortunately, the fan, a man pictured in a grey Vans sweatshirt, did not care to respect her desire for privacy, immediately turning around and selling the photo to the tabloids.

The picture, which shows Katy Perry sporting her new blue, shorter hairdo, is at least a flattering portrayal of the pop princess, as opposed to a mourning, sweats-clad woman torn apart by her divorce. In fact, the fan may have potentially done her a favor, showing that while she’s laying low, she’s not falling apart.

Katy Perry

What do you think about the fan having sold the photo of him and Katy Perry to the press? Do you think it was despicable, or well within his rights? What would you do?

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