Katy Perry Feared Parents Reaction to Divorce from Russell Brand

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Katy Perry feared the reaction from her Evangelical Christian parents regarding her divorce from Russell Brand. For that reason, she wanted Russell to be the one to actually file to dissolve the marriage.

According to a report from TMZ, Perry was raised to believe divorce is wrong, and therefore hesitated to disappoint her parents by being the one to file for divorce from Russell Brand. The two pretty much decided a few weeks ago that the marriage was definitely over, and decided to be out of town when the papers went through.

Katy went to Hawaii for some much needed rest and relaxation, while Russell Brand went home to his nativKaty Perry And Russell Brande England. No word has yet emerged as to the reaction of Katy Perry’s parents.

Russell Brand did release a statement on Friday after the divorce papers were officially filed, saying that he and Katy will ‘remain friends.’ But isn’t that the oldest divorce adage in the book? Is it that simply the proverbial way of not saying a couple has completely blown it and can’t wait to start a new life apart from one another? For some reason, ‘we’ll still be friends’ alleviates a lot of initial guilt during the demise of a relationship.

It must be difficult for Katy Perry, having been raised with such religious parents, to explain to them that the marriage she was to consider sacred really was never much of a marriage at all. But parents do have to understand that even though they raise their children with specific beliefs that once they’re adults, they are subject to deviate from the family rules.

Hopefully both Katy and Russell can move on and lead happy lives following their divorce. And hopefully Katy Perry’s parents don’t lay too much guilt on her. At this point in time it would serve to merely add insult to injury–and what good would that do?

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