Katy Perry Follows Up Elmo Scandal By Appearing Topless in U.K. Esquire (Photo)

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Whoa, Nelly! I mean, Katy Perry! The way to a country’s heart sure isn’t making moms and dads watching Sesame Street freak out because of your Miss Piggy-inspired cleavage-bearing outfit. And it sure isn’t appearing half-naked in a gentleman’s magazine like U.K. Esquire. The American songbird is something of a fascination in England like she is here in the States, given that she is engaged to marry one of Britain’s most famous exports these days, comedian and actor Russell Brand.

According to the rather outrageous behavior of Mr. Brand in defense of Ms. Perry (he accosted people at LAX when he thought they were photographers taking photos of his girlfriend’s physical attributes), you would think that perhaps he would get into this act and be part of this particular picture. But he didn’t and this is clearly Katy taking her cartoon vamp persona into a new realm.

Does it hurt a rising pop star to do this type of photographic spread in a magazine? In Britain, of course, topless photos of young models are a normal occurrence in the daily papers’ centerfold. Is this a good move for Perry or bad?

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