Katy Perry Fragrance Ad Shocks: It’s Katy Purry – Skin Tight Cat Suit Photo

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Katy Perry’s new fragrance ad is drawing a lot of attention! Katy Perry is dressed up as a cat in the fragrance ad for her new perfume, Purr.

Katy Perry’s first fragrance ad was inspired by Purr’s Gorgeous Katy Perry Signed 8x10 Photocat shape bottle and name. Perry’s outfit for the fragrance ad is a skin tight latex cat suit that is half purple an half pink. The suit is decorated with leopard spots, a plunging neck line and a chocker. Katy is seen on all fours playing with a large ball of pink yarn.

Katy Perry’s Purr fragrance is suppose to smell of “peach, apple, green bamboo, jasmine, freesia, Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid, white amber, sandalwood and musk.

As usual Katy Perry pushes the envelope and her fragrance ad is no different that anything else she does. Katy loves attention and being a celebrity. It’s not surprising that Perry’s fragrance ad would have a memorable theme and skin tight costume.

The photo below is a shot from Katy Perry’s fragrance ad. What do you think about Perry’s outfit? Is it shocking or expected? You can also watch a video below of Katy Perry at the launch party for her fragrance, Purr.



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photo credit: Katy Perry’s Purr Fragrance Ad

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