Katy Perry goes back to blond

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Katy Perry dyed her hair red the other day, causing a media stir, and it’s now clear that it was just a step to get her back to blond – her natural color. She is now looking back on Last Friday Night remembering her trademark black locks which are now long gone.
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“The singer is no longer a redhead! It looks like Katy’s hair color transformation is finally complete and she is back to her natural blonde,” Hollywood Life reports. She looks pretty as a blond (it helps when you have a pretty face), but it is a drastic change, especially for her fans.

So many celebrities change their hair color – even from day-to-day – but it is important to make sure your hair remains healthy. By Katy Perry going red before blond, she likely saved her hair from getting straw-like and fried out. A good hair stylist will have you dye your hair in steps rather than all at once – especially if you’re doing something drastic.

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