Katy Perry, Grandma, and Hard Candy?

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As is evident with Katy Perry’s costumes and sets in her many of her music videos and on her concert tour… she has quite a fondness of candy. Where does Katy get her candy cravings? Look no further than grandma!

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?Katy Perry posted this eye opening and mouthwatering Twitter post on Friday (September 30) about her granny:

grandma’s home. get out the werther’s originals stat!

No word as to whether or not Katy got paid by Werther’s for the free commercial in plugging the candy to her more than 10 million Twitter followers. Unfortunately, there has been no update about granny or the candy.

Fans could have hoped that Katy had a stash of the candy there and that she quickly presented her grandma with the tasty hard candy treats. Perry could have shared photos of her grandmother unwrapping a piece candy, and placing it into mouth. Granny could have tweeted how much she enjoyed the Werther’s Original caramel candies.

Of course, fans didn’t get a play-by-play of Katy Perry’s grandma’s visit…or candy enjoyment. What is clear though is, if the Werther’s show up in Katy’s next show or music video, it will be a nod to her grandmother.

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