Katy Perry has wardrobe malfunction in ‘Smurf’ dress

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Katy Perry had a wardrobe malfunction in her Smurfette dress at the première of The Smurf Movie. The singer wore a tiny tight white dress with a blinged out Smurfette on the front—in honor of her character in the film. While it was super cute, Katy did have a bit of a wardrobe malfunction when the wind blew!Katy Perry 1

“Katy Perry flashed her backside while at the Smurfs première in NYC July 24,” Hollywood Life reports. Lucky for her, she was wearing white undies (or something that was part of the dress), so her rear was not exposed! This certainly isn’t the first time that Mother Nature assisted in some “oops” moments!

Perry isn’t the first one to have her dress blow up in the wind, and it may have not even been her first time (hence the undies!). If you’re going to wear a dress that short to begin with, you should be prepared for the possibility of baring your butt to the world! Anyway Katy looked super cute and crisis was averted!

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