Katy Perry in Cupcake Fiasco: Did Superstar Exploit a Toddler at the MMVMA’s?

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Katy Perry may have thought it was a good idea to bring mini versions of herself with her to the MMVMA’s in Canada on Sunday night, but apparently one of the little girls outfits was a bit too suggestive for many people.

You may or may not have noticed that one little girl in Katy’s entourage was wearing a blue wig with a pair of jeans shorts and a light blue tank top. So far, it sounds innocent right? Well, add to that outfit two strategically placed cupcakes and you’ve got yourself a problem.

Obviously, Katy—or her wardrobe team—weren’t thinking when they placed two cupcakes on the chest of a little girl. While it may be OK for an adult to wear cupcakes over her boobs, it isn’t exactly OK for a child to do so. In fact, some may see Katy’s misstep as exploitation of a child.

Whether you’re a parent or not, it’s fairly easy to know the difference between right and wrong and Katy Perry was so obviously wrong when she decided to let a little girl strut down the red carpet with a pair of cupcakes attached to her not-even-existent boobs.

In addition to blaming Katy, the blame should also be placed on the child’s parents. Where was her mother or father? Did they approve the outfit?

What do you think of the controversy? Do you agree that Katy Perry overstepped the mark by adding cupcakes to the child’s outfit?

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