Katy Perry Introduces Miley Cyrus’ Sister Noah to Niall Horan, One Direction

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Is Katy Perry a better big sister than Miley Cyrus? When it comes to using their celebrity to introduce little Noah Cyrus to her favorite band on the planet, One Direction, clearly Katy has the upper hand.

It is being reported that Miley Cyrus, when asked by her little sister to introduce her to Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles, she balked. Miley decided that would just be too awkward and refused to let her sister borrow her all-access pass so she could meet the guys.

Luckily for Noah, Ms. Perry was around to help out. It helps that Katy is reportedly a huge Niall Horan fan, so Perry was quick jump at the chance to have Noah meet the One Direction guys.

“I’ll leave Noah with Katy Perry. Bad idea,” recalls Miley in an interview. “I see all these photos online… so Noah finally got to meet One Direction, thanks to Katy. No thanks to me.”

Yeah, that’s right, Miley… no thanks to you! It seems like Katy would be a much more fun big sister to Noah than Miley is, that’s for sure!

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