Katy Perry, John Mayer Relationship Drama! Does He Think She’s Fat?

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How on earth can Katy Perry ever consider getting back together with John Mayer? That is reportedly the question that Perry’s friends are asking, considering the attitude that Mayer reportedly has about Katy.

According to a tabloid report, Katy and John were dating over the summer, but Mayer ending things via the internet. If that is true, it certainly takes some gumption to not dump someone in person.

“He dumped her over email. She was furious and really hurt,” claimed the tabloid. The problem is, the break-up didn’t last too long. The two were reportedly seen together in Los Angeles while Katy Perry was in town for the VMAs. They were later seen in Las Vegas together. The thing is, after John Mayer reportedly called the ‘Firework’ singer “fat,” why would she want to be seen with the creep?

The claim is that John begged Katy to take him back. “He told his mates he wasn’t attracted to her and thought she was fat!” claims the tabloid source.

At least Katy’s friends seem to have her back. They apparently are royally ticked that she would even give John the time of day. The question is the same tabloid seems to think that Katy Perry’s time with John is “strictly booty calls only.”

The real question is (if all of this is true) how long will it be before Katy finally figures out that John Mayer is using her? Goodness, she need only pick up the phone and call Taylor Swift, right?

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