Katy Perry Kisses Fan on the Lips at Concert (Video)

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Pretty much any guy out there has probably fantasized about what it would be like to have pop star Katy Perry plant a big one on him, but one fan no longer has to wonder what it’s like. The singer may need to change her famous tune to “I Kissed a Fan, and I Liked It.”

Katy Perry kisses fan on the lips! It was during a concert in Singapore when Perry invited the musclebound and shirtless fan “Nevin,” up onto the stage. The fan in the dreadlocks looked frankly amazed to be where he was. Perry asked him his name, and then when she couldn’t hear him well enough, she asked, “Levin? Nevin? Levin. Nevin. Who cares, you’re not gonna remember this in a second.”

Katy PerryShe next asked Levin Nevin where he was from, and something must have sparked when he told her he was from her home state of California. Then, she likely ignited a hope that won’t soon die in the man when she said “Alright, Nevin Levin, I might see you again. You said you were 28, right?”

Perry then distracted him by making him look off in the distance before basically attacking him, planting a big one on the lucky guy. Katy Perry kisses fan may be the news today, but no word yet on whether she saw the fan after the show.

After the kiss she asked the audience, “who’s next?” Then, she turned to Nevin to ask “Why are you still up here? You trying to give me something back?” After allowing the fan to kiss her on the cheek, Perry told him to get off the stage and continued the concert. Check out the video of the whole incident below.

Photo: José Goulão on Flickr.com

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