Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga Appear in Cartoony Santigold’s ‘Big Mouth’ Video

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Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Lady Gaga all make a special guess appearance in Santigold’s new bizarre music video Big Mouth. The video is cartoony and the music is sort of an indie, hip-hop, pop mix. Lady Gaga appears as a Big Mouthed Queen mermaid swimming underwater but she gets eaten by a red-eyed tigress.

Santigold then personifies Katy Perry as a weird glowing figure with Russell Brand’s face dances by her and places a crown upon her head. Lindsay Lohan then appears a creature with fangs. She has a cigarette in one hand, a snake in the other and laughing mouths for nipples. Santigold will probably have to gear up to be sued because Lohan doesn’t take kindly to her image being construed or made fun of. Just ask Pittbull.

If anything, Santigold really brought the weirdness with her video but that’s the kind of thing an artist needs to differentiate herself from everyone else. Watch it below and then comment on what you think of it.

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