Katy Perry Nude?! Dress Steals Show on Red Carpet!

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Did Katy Perry walk nude down the red carpet for the Trevor Project event in Hollywood? You bet she did! Katy, who has gone back to her more “natural” raven colored hair, wore a super sexy, floor-length, sequined nude dress to the event.

Talk about stealing the show. Often it is Katy’s hair color that grabs the headlines. In just the last year, the former Mrs. Russell Brand wore her hair in a rainbow of colors including purple, pink, and Smurf blue. Now that she has gone back to being a brunette, it is her dress that turns heads.

Of course, the real reason for Katy Perry to be at the event had nothing to do with showing off her hourglass figure in an awesome dress. No, this evening was about raising money and awareness for the Trevor Project. The charity works to empower LGBT youth, focusing on suicide prevention. Katy was honored by the group with its Trevor Hero award.

Abbe Land (Trevor Project CEO) summed it up best, “We’re honoring [Katy] because, really, she has done so much to empower youth. Her support of marriage equality—and equality for everyone, really—is one of the many reasons we’re supporting her as our hero this year.”

Katy showed that she could help make a difference in young peoples’ lives. Talk about using one’s celebrity to empower others!

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