Katy Perry Pees in Buckets Before Performances

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Katy Perry’s new rumored man John Mayer has a pretty disgusting habit of working his way through every young starlet in Hollywood, so he’s probably okay with his new girl’s gross pre-concert ritual – she pees in buckets before her concerts.

Katy has to wear some pretty crazy costumes to keep her fans entertained – the California gurl has getups covered with giant pieces of fake candy; bras that shoot out sparks; and even a dress with a carousel skirt. So it’s probably pretty hard for her to squeeze into a bathroom stall and to get her costumes unzipped. This means that she has to resort to pretty drastic measures to relieve herself before going onstage. According to The Sun, this is what Katy said about her pre-performance ritual:

“You walk on stage feeling like Mary Poppins but really you’ve just had your skin zipped, peed in a bucket and been dry-heaving over the trash can.”

At least she doesn’t pee her pants onstage, and it’s nice that she goes through all of that just to please her fans.

That being said, peeing in buckets and dry-heaving over a trash can sounds more like a story that Ke$ha would come up with. And while it might seem like Katy Perry’s odd actions could scare John Mayer away, keep this in mind: he dated Jessica Simpson. Hopefully Katy’s ex Russell Brand reads her comment and hears about her hooking up with Mayer – surely he could turn these stories into comedy gold.

And maybe Katy is on to something with that Mary Poppins thing – she loves coming up with new kooky costumes to delight her fans with, so maybe she should consider turning herself into a sexier version of the movie nanny before flying high above her concert crowds. Her pal Rihanna could lend her an umbrella to hold above her head, and hopefully Katy would remember to use her bucket before performing so that her fans wouldn’t need their own umbrellas.

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