Katy Perry: Post-Divorce Rebound Man an Upgrade from Russell Brand?

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Katy Perry is on the rebound and she may well have found a man who is an upgrade from Russell Brand. At least Katy has been seen out with a man who is an upgrade in the looks department, not that it is hard work to look better than Russell.

Katy Perry has been tied to all sorts of people after her divorce. Now the 27-year-old ‘Fireworks’ singer is sure to get plenty of attention for hanging out, arm-in-arm with model Baptiste Giabiconi.

That’s right, boys and girls, Katy looks to be hooking-up with a model, so says the tabloid press. Of course, this is not just any model, but a French model who is one of, if not the highest earning male models on the planet. Baptiste Giabiconi is no cheap wine… in Perry’s world he is fine champagne.

So, are they really dating? It is hard to tell. As tabloid rumors go, this one is pretty mundane. The couple attended the Chanel show together, had photos together, and even had dinner with friends together. From the sound of it, if this is Katy Perry’s choice of rebound relationship, then she is doing quite well for herself:

If they are dating, then high-five to her. Who wouldn’t want to rebound with the world’s hottest male model? Katy’s a world-revered pop star and going through a divorce in the public eye, so she deserves to enjoy herself.

So there it is, Katy and the hot model… so much better than the bad-boy comedian. Katy and Russell Brand were destined for failure from the start, at least now Ms. Perry isn’t selling herself short.

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