Katy Perry Put Audience Ahead of Russell Brand Divorce Shock

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For a performer, there is nothing worse than being given bad news moments before walking out on stage. Somehow, though, you have to separate your personal and professional lives. As the saying goes, “the show must go on.”

Katy Perry knows this all too well. It was just before Katy walked on stage that she found out that Russell Brand was filing for divorce.

Of that moment, Katy Perry said, ”I was convulsing a little bit … I still have to find the balance, I had to separate my personal from my professional. As an entertainer, I knew what my job was and I shouldn’t like take it out on my audience, they’ve always been there for me.”

As difficult as it was for Perry at the time, it seems that both she and Russell Brand have come to terms with their relationship, their marriage, and their divorce. Katy Perry says she has no regrets and has learned a valuable lesson from it all.

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