Katy Perry – Russell Brand Divorce Drama Continues; Couple to Meet in L.A. Just Gossip?

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Katy Perry – Russell Brand divorce drama continues as the couple is reported to meet in L.A., California. Even after the pop star took to Twitter telling fans only she speaks for herself, Katy Perry’s life is the center of rumors and speculation.

The Mirror is claiming that Russell Brand has flown to L.A. to meet with his estranged wife. However, the Golden Globes also happen to be on Sunday, January 15th, and Brand is likely to attend.

Katy Perry signing autographs after X-FactorSince the Mirror is a popular news publication in the United Kingdom, naturally the are supporting a fellow Brit. Continuously stating Perry is trying to reconcile is leaving the E.T. singer looking feeble—and that is not fair. Creating news reports that are from a supposed close “source” is rubbish, or ridiculous rather, as we say on this side of the pond.

The Katy Perry – Russell Brand divorce drama will continue, and the gossip news world will surely take sides. The U.S. is home to Katy Perry and loves the California Gurl. Regardless of the intimate details of their divorce, Katy Perry’s fans are loyal. Watch what you read and unless Katy Perry calls you personally, it is most likely rumors.

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