Katy Perry, Russell Brand Divorce Off to Upset Her Parents?

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The latest info on Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s divorce is that Katy may be having second thoughts but not for the right reasons. The California Gurls singer reportedly wants to call off the divorce with Russell just so she can piss off her parents. Well, that’s real mature, isn’t it?Katy Perry HD 11x17 Sexy Busty Singer #06 HDQ

Reports are pouring in about Perry and Brand’s Los Angeles meeting. The perky singer is supposedly using the opportunity to try and woo her ex into saving their marriage. Perry’s sick and tired of her ultra religious parents trying to interfere in her personal life. Apparently, her parents want her next beau to also be religious.

A source said, “The ‘Firework’ singer claims that she wants to fight to save her 14-month marriage and desperately wants to get back together with the long-haired funnyman. Perry is not ready to start dating any other men and has not been influenced by her Christian parents, Mary and Keith Perry, who are keen to see her date someone more religious.”

Well, if this is true, it’s definitely a ridiculous approach to solving a problem. It’s almost like killing the patient to cure his disease. There’s no way this can be true. Why would Katy Perry want to stop a divorce from Russell Brand to avoid dating religious men? That doesn’t make sense on any planet. Perry needs to grow a brass pair and just tell her parents to butt out of her personal life.

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