Katy Perry, Russell Brand Sell Their Home in LA for $3 Million

Katy Perry and Russell Brand are selling their Los Angeles home for a mere $3.395 million. That’s a drop in the bucket compared to the prices for some other celebrity homes.File:KatyPerryJul2009.jpg

Katy and Russell supposedly want to make their $2.7 million New York apartment their main home. They bought the New York property just last year and have had their Los Angeles home since 2009. The back and forth between New York and Los Angeles is supposedly proving too much for the newly married couple. Seriously, when it comes to marriage, sometimes the best thing to do is to have one home to focus on.

Speaking about her husband, Perry said, “My husband is my number one priority. We have an amazing relationship. It’s important that I’m not always rushing around everywhere too much. I have to take the time to live life and have experiences.”

It definitely seems like Katy Perry is working hard to balance love, life and home. Russell Brand is currently in Miami filming Rock of Ages and Katy is continuing her California Dreams tour in New Zealand. Hopefully, when they are done with their responsibilities elsewhere, they’ll be able to rest and relax together at their New York home.

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