Katy Perry, Russell Brand – Trial Separation?

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Nobody seems to know exactly what is going on with Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s marriage these days – not even the two of them! One day there is speculation that the two of them are heading towards a divorce, and then the next day Perry and Brand have purchased a larger home so they have enough room to start a family. Seriously, that was in the news only one week ago, and today, the couple is reportedly heading toward Splitsville again. Who can keep up?

Really, though, it’s probably been extremely difficult for the two of them to have a happy marriage when they rarely see each other, let alone get to actually spend some time together. According to Sugarscape, Heat magazine has reported “that over the past six months, [the couple] have only spent four days together.” That’s four out of only around 180 days. When would they even find the time to have babies?

According to Katy Perry‘s friends, Perry and husband Russell Brand are “thinking of taking a break from [their] marriage.” It appears Perry is “worried it could be the end of the road.”

The beginning of any relationship, particularly a marriage, is a very important time for a couple. Katy Perry and Russell Brand have only been married since last October, so it’s been less than a year and there’s already trouble in paradise. Perhaps it’s nobody’s fault, just the circumstances of two very conflicting work schedules. It’s not as if one works days and the other works nights and they still sleep in the same bed – the two are often “on [completely] opposite sides of the world.” That would be difficult for any couple to deal with.

Perry’s friends have quoted Katy as saying: “It would be heartbreaking if we didn’t make it to our first wedding anniversary, but our situation is pretty bad.”

According to a friend, “Katy has old-fashioned values and she’s devastated that her marriage isn’t what she thought it would be.”

Perhaps the recent purchase of a family home was an effort to keep the relationship going a while longer. Truthfully, though, if they are already thinking of splitting up, then starting a family should not be in the equation at all at this point.

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