Katy Perry slimed at Kids Choice Awards 2010 – KCA 2010 sliming with Jonah Hill!

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One rite of passage for many celebrities is being slimed.  That’s when an actor or musician gets covered in gooey green slime courtesy of Nickelodeon.  The latest recipients to get slimed at the Kids Choice Awards 2010 were actors Tina Fey & Steve Carrell and singer Katy Perry.  The Katy Perry Kids Choice Awards 2010 slime video is seen below via YouTube and it’s surprising how the slime is rigged to spray her almost like a firehose.

The on stage incident had Katy paired up with comedian/actor Jonah Hill of Superbad fame.  During the presentation for “Favorite Movie” KCA 2010, Hill had pretended it was his birthday, then revealed jokingly he lied, and was “born without a birthday”.  He told Katy Perry she could open up the gift box to reveal the KCA winner, and she obliged. 

Watch in the video below as Katy Perry opens the box, and surprise!  Perry is hit in the face full force with the green glop, which even causes her to fall on stage.  Some are bemoaning the whole thing, but honestly, sliming has been a Nickolodeon tradition for years, ever since a clever little show “You Can’t Do that on Television” used it almost daily!

All in all, give it up for Katy Perry for being a good sport.  While the green slime doesn’t quite match her dress or blue hair, she still took the sliming well.  Here’s the Katy Perry sliming at Kids Choice Awards 2010:

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