Katy Perry Splashes Into Surprise NY Club Concert

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Katy Perry must have made the patrons at the Splash gay club feel like they were living a teenage dream when she popped in for a concert.

Friday night the popular California Gurl and future Mrs. Russell Brand made a surprise appearance at one of Manhattan’s hottest gay bars: Splash. Can you imagine the surprise on everyone’s face as she showed up? Not only did she show up, but she treated everyone there to a mini concert. Classy move, Katy!

NEW YORK - AUGUST 27: Singer Katy Perry arrives at Splash Bar on August 27, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty Images)

The star showed up in a rainbow colored bandage dress and proceeded to change into two other outfits during the show including one sporting a peacock-type tail.

She performed from the safety of a balcony and amazed the guys in attendance. It seems she’s not only a teenage dream, but a man’s dream too. Bet fiancee Russell Brand would agree on that one, too.

Was this just a random surprise appearance? Possibly, but keeping in mind that her first single hit on gay tones, maybe this was a targeted appearance based off of her “I Kissed A Girl” single. Either way, it seems that those that saw her there were quite happy with her popping in.

Katy seems to be superwoman as of late, and she seems to take her busy schedule all in stride. “Most people have breakdowns just over weddings and I’m planning mine and my tour,”she told People. Wonder what her secret to doing that is? In fact, many would-be brides are probably wondering that very same thing. What do you say, Katy? Are you willing to share your secret to planning a wedding while staying calm and cool?

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