Katy Perry: Take Off That Bra!

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Katy Perry, take off your bra! That’s an order… from her insurance company! This seems like an odd thing for an insurance company to say to a superstar singer. Of course, according to a new report, they have their reasons.

The bra in question is Katy Perry’s spinning peppermint bra. Apparently her insurance company finds the spinning lingerie a safety hazard, as the singers oft-dyed locks keep getting caught in it.

In a recent interview, Katy is said to explained why she needs to take off her underwear (or at least this one bra). “I keep being told the insurers are worried I will injure my neck. I seriously doubt it could be lethal, but they want a new bra designed that will not allow hair to be caught up.”

So, will Katy Perry be forced to find a new design or just take her bra off for good? At least, from the sound of things, Perry won’t suffer death by “over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.” That would be particularly tragic.

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