Katy Perry Toughens Up: ‘Part of Me’ Sneak Peek

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Katy Perry is a fighter, and she attempts to prove that to the world with her new video ‘Part of Me.’ The pop singer might have just split from her not-so-funny comedian hubby, Russell Brand, after only 14 months of marriage, but Perry is far from defeated—and ready to prove it.

Instead of being weakened by her divorce, Katy has toughened up. In ‘Part of Me’ Perry shows off her tougher side, dressing in commando garb and camouflage face paint. Katy has remained dignified thus far throughout her divorce and is showing the world that she refuses to allow her failed marriage to bring her down.

In ‘Part of Me’ Katy Perry engages “in hand-to-hand combat with other recruits” and is even seen holding a machine gun.

As far as Perry is concerned, this tougher version of the candy-clad star is here for keeps.

Katy Perry tweeted: “That was THEN & this is NOW: Sneak peek of my NEW VIDEO for PARTOFME.”

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