Katy Perry Trades Blue Hair for Purple?!

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Katy Perry is doing more than starting over after her divorce from Russell Brand. She is trading in her blue hair, for purple. While some people turn over a new leaf, clearly Katy just goes for a new dye job.

Actually it turns out that the blue hair that Katy (along with the likes of Lady Gaga) was sporting is so 2011. So, out with the old! Bye, bye Russell Brand… and goodbye bottle blue. Katy Perry is saying hello to the new trend for 2012, purple hair. Of course, she isn’t alone. Kelly Osbourne has also gone from her old pink, almost lilac hair to a very deep purple. Do you see a trend starting here?

Okay, so you are thinking Katy Perry colors her hair all the time, so what’s the big deal? Well, she almost always strips her natural dark hair color, bleaches it, and then adds in the blue so it will stand out. Now it seems that Katy’s latest dye job is just to accentuate her raven locks. No, she hasn’t colored her hair “Barney” purple or anything like that. Still, anything has to be better than the old “Smurf” blue, right?

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