Katy Perry Trying to Get Fat?

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Katy Perry is in her “beloved” England (or at least her husband, Russell Brand’s beloved England). The first thing she did was stop and eat… and eat… and eat. Is the Teenage Dream singer trying to get fat?

It was just the other day that Katy Perry was planning to bring some California sunshine to Liverpool, but she never mentioned that when she got to England, she was going to completely pig out. In between Twitter posts hyping her new perfumes, Katy let the cat out the bag, so to speak, about her eating:

FINALLY! Beloved ENGLAND! 1st thing I did was stuff me gob w/some yorkshire puddings & meat pies from Silversmiths in Sheffield. Ah bless.

Nice! Hopefully, Katy Perry saved some room for fish and chips or some curry. What about mushy peas or a nice pint of nut-brown ale to wash it all down? If one is going to “stuff their gobs,” they better do it in style.

Stuffing her face doesn’t sound too good, though. Hopefully Katy finds some time to workout while in her “beloved” England after too much Yorkshire pudding. Right now it just sounds like she is trying to get fat.

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