Katy Perry Turns to Twitter to Cure Her Insomnia

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You’ve all probably been there – tossing and turning, tired yet wide awake, wanting nothing more than to fall asleep. Yet, the wheels keep turning and you then realize – crap, insomnia. What do you do? Do you fight it and stay in bed or do you get up and try to be productive? Katy Perry had a bout of insomnia Monday night while trying to sleep in a hotel in Chicago. Like many, she got on her computer. Perry decided to have some fun with her fans, though, and started a big Twitterfest of questions and answers, much to her fans’ delight.

Perry tweeted, “Oh boi! I have full insomnia! Shall we have a tweety chat? You ask Q’s I’ll give A’s if you like?”

So, for two hours, fans asked away, question after question and Katy Perry provided the answers. After two hours of tweeting, Katy was officially sleepy.

Perry answered about 40 questions Monday night. Fans now know of her love of baked beans (perhaps that could explain the insomnia?)

Finally, Katy Perry tweeted her final tweet for the night: “Okay it’s 4am & I’m tweeting whilst eating flaming hot cheetos. I am losing my marbles. Thanks for the Q’s. Hopefully it was fun for u!!!”

Sounds like it was both fun and exhausting – just what Perry was hoping for.

What are some of your cures for insomnia?

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