Katy Perry Vagina Crotch PHOTOs – Electrifying!!!

Katy Perry’s crotch played a great game of peek a boo with photographers and the end result was a clear side vagina crotch shot!

Perry was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Costume Institute Gala benefit on Tuesday night and wore what may have been the most “electrifying” dress of the evening since it was rigged with LED lights from top to bottom and had a trigger to control when the lights went on.

Oh, yeah, it was also raining.

WOW, I do love to see me some crotch pictures. Also makes the news, that’s for sure. That pink and white dress is definitely an interesting choice for her but Katy Perry has never been known for her conservative style… quite the opposite actually.

So, let’s all hope and cross our fingers for more peek a boo crotch photos to emerge… then again maybe she’ll wise up and not wear a dress with such a deep slit, maybe not.


photo credit: http://thedailyfix.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Katy98121-8-550×430.jpg

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